Explore Lowe’s Employee 401(K) Plan & Spending Accounts Benefits

The 401(k) plan provides you help to plan and finance future. If you are a new employee, you will become entitled to contribute six months after your date of hire. The plan is designed for Lowe’s employees to save for their future. You can attain financial freedom, save money for holidays and family time during your retirement.

How Much You Can Invest?

The company will use Payroll deduction method for contributions on a pre-tax basis. You can contribute

  • 1% to 50% of your eligible benefits
  • Up to $18,000 in the calendar year

Investment Options:

Lowe’s offers streamlined financing options.

  • Target Date funds
  • Professionally managed funds
  • Stock fund.

You can choose Target Retirement Date funds or one fund among the four objective-based funds. You can own a part of Lowe’s! Yes, it’s true as the “Stock Fund” is also available for investment.

Catch-Up Contribution:

If you are 50 or older, you may frame an additional $6,000 contribution to the plan.


  • Just decide the amount to contribute and contributions are made directly from your paycheck.
  • You will not pay federal taxes on their contributions. You have to pay taxes when you withdraw the funds.
  • You can pick up from the flexible investment options.
  • Invest now and save for your retirement.
  • Invest is secure. Contributions will not cancel if you leave the job for any reason. You can still get the contributed funds.

Spending Accounts:

You can pay for entitled healthcare and dependent care expenses with:

Health Savings Account (HSA):

  • You must be enrolled in the HDHP medical plan to use a health savings account to cover certain medical, vision and dental expenses or pharmacy plans.
  • You can contribute $3,350 and $6,750 for employee-only coverage and family medical coverage respectively.
  • You can give additional $1,000 if you are age 55 or older.
  • Use HSA debit card to make eligible payments.
  • You have to pay taxes and fines if you withdraw money from the account for expenditures that are not entitled healthcare costs.
  • You can also pay out of pocket, just fill out an online form online for reimbursement.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account:

  • FSA allows you to save a portion of your yearly incomes to pay for qualified healthcare costs that you acquire during the year.
  • Your domestic partner and children are not entitled to funds unless they meet the requirements as your authorized dependent under state law.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account:

You can save a part of your income to pay for dependent care expenses that you incur during the year.

  • You can use it for qualified childcare expenditures for day care, school programs, day camp, and pre-school.
  • Eldercare expenses.

My Lowe’s Life:

Log in to My Lowe’s Life to access the benefits information. Use your employee ID and password.

  • Employee ID: your employer will give you an exclusive ID to access and manage your account. Every employee has a unique ID to log in to the account.
  • Keep your password secure and never share it with anybody else.

Requirements for Accessing & Using account:

  • You need a computer and internet connection.
  • You must be an employee of the Lowes Company.
  • Must have an identification number
  • You need to provide a password and
  • Answer the security question

Account Login:

  • Go to com link to access the desired page.
  • Provide valid login information.
  • Type your sales number/user ID.
  • Enter password linked to your profile.
  • Click “Login” button.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only authorized personnel can access and login to the website.
  • Access is subject to the terms and conditions of security policies and criteria.
  • The Company keeps the power to do any necessary act to defend authorized users, intellectual property, and other information assets.
  • Use by unauthorized persons for illegal purposes is a defilement of state law.

Log in to access the organizational platform for valid and accurate information; you can access:

  • Emails About work,
  • Benefits information
  • Work schedules,
  • Employee transition information
  • Trade shifts
  • Wells Fargo retirement services
  • The human resource associated material

The system works for both existing and previous workers of the company who are authorized to use the website.

  • Once logged in, select from “Part-Time” or “Full-Time”.
  • When you have selected one option, you will access the homepage.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find the topics which interest you.

Contact Info:

You can call 1-877-924-3967 for your questions: